Todd Wurschmidt: Securing Millions for Nonprofits

Nonprofits rely on the generosity of philanthropists throughout their communities. Todd Wurschmidt, an accomplished association executive, is skilled at the cultivation of relationships between nonprofit organizations and philanthropists, employing the use of both time-honored fundraising methods with innovative and visionary leadership to secure substantial financial assistance for the groups that truly make a difference in communities throughout the country.

Todd Wurschmidt has worked extensively with multiple organizations, including those in the medical, agricultural and law enforcement communities, to enhance their organizational functionality and fundraising capability. Through his tireless and skilled efforts to optimize organizational fundraising efficiency, Todd Wurschmidt has been able to secure literally millions of dollars in both grant revenue and in fundraising contributions, ensuring associations have the funds necessary to carry out their missions and retain a positive and enduring influence throughout the community.

Todd Wurschmidt has proven the ability to boost organizational revenue stream and awareness for multiple associations, including the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, the Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis, the United Soybean Board and the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police. His track record for fundraising and grant securement is without equal, and has helped to establish Todd Wurschmidt as one of the most prominent and successful association executives in the nonprofit arena.

Todd Wurschmidt serves as a model for excellence to both association professionals and to nonprofit organizations on the local, national and international levels. A well-educated and experienced professional, he continues to be a dependable and results-oriented fundraiser and leader in the nonprofit community.


Todd Wurschmidt: Building Education Through Awareness

The Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois believes that the loss of just one life, be it a local youth or a law enforcement official, though incalculable, is indeed preventable through education and awareness. As Executive Director of the organization, Todd Wurschmidt strives to help LEFI through educational and awareness-based program development, empowering both law enforcement officials and local youth with the knowledge they need to prevent this needless tragedy.

Both Todd Wurschmidt and LEFI work to have a resonating and positive impact on young people’s lives. This is accomplished through the design and implementation of programs that raise awareness of dangerous driving behaviors, such as texting, inattentiveness and multi-tasking. Todd Wurschmidt and LEFI realize that the existence of driving education programs in the state of Illinois is important to the creation of safer roadways throughout the state, which is why they have implemented programs designed to establish better, more mutually-beneficial relationships between local youths and the law enforcement community.

Todd Wurschmidt has been an instrumental voice for educational programs such as PACT Camps and Defensive Driving campaigns, each created to spark collaboration and a sense of community between the youth and law enforcement officials throughout Illinois. Todd Wurschmidt understands that LEFI, as well as the law enforcement community, have the opportunity to be have a positive influence on the lives of young people through awareness and relationship cultivation.

Todd Wurschmidt has been working for the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois since 2009, and has made innumerable contributions to the organizational and program development of LEFI since joining the organization.

Todd Wurschmidt: Working with the Law Enforcement Community

Currently the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, and formerly the long-time CEO and leader of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Law Enforcement Foundation, Todd Wurschmidt has proven his commitment to law enforcement officials throughout the local area. He seeks to establish and maintain stronger, more enduring connections between law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve, building more efficient associations through proven fundraising techniques and expert program development.

Todd Wurschmidt was of service to the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, as well as the charitable Law Enforcement Foundation, from 1985 to 2008, helping both to not only increase revenue stream, improve fundraising capability and secure large federal grants, but also to establish many beneficial relationships with organizations and business professionals in local, national and international communities. Working diligently and tirelessly for the Ohio Association and Foundation, Todd Wurschmidt oversaw the development of helpful educational and outreach programs that included Child Abduction Response Teams, DARE drug prevention programs and officer awareness programs such as Autism and Alzheimer’s Awareness.

As Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois since 2009, Todd Wurschmidt provides expert strategic and tactical planning, corporate CEO recruitment, youth-based program development and fundraising organization and advice services to the foundation’s membership. Through the development of outreach programs, as well as the implementation of more effective fundraising, Todd Wurschmidt has helped to optimize organizational efficiency and strength, ensuring the foundation has the framework and tools in place to establish better and more positive relationships with the community, and to secure the financial assistance it needs to be an effective organization well into the future.

Todd Wurschmidt: Program Development Expert

Todd Wurschmidt is an expert in the development of programs that help to improve a nonprofit’s outreach efforts and fundraising capabilities. A proven and accomplished program development professional and nonprofit leader, Todd Wurschmidthas been able to secure important grants and philanthropic contributions for organizations through well-designed and implemented plans, enhancing many nonprofit’s fundraising and objective completion potential.

Amongst his program development accomplishments are the creation and implementation of both an Autism Awareness and an Alzheimer’s Awareness program, the construction of a multi-million dollar development campaign for the Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis and the development of crucial national and international programs for a local State Association. As the President and CEO of PARADOX Associations, LLC, Todd Wurschmidt has provided skilled consulting to organizations on association leadership, fundraising optimization, change management, program development and more. A leader of the PARADOX group, Todd Wurschmidt has served as a mentor to the Georgian Farmer’s Association, a Transition Manager for the United Soybean Board and as a consultant to the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and Law Enforcement Foundation.

He is formerly the Director of Development for the Oak Clinic, and is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois. He has been involved in association management and leadership since 1985, making him one of the most experienced association executives in the field. Todd Wurschmidt has continually exhibited remarkable savvy and prowess when it comes to fundraising, grant securement and program development, skills that have allowed him to become one of the most sought-after professionals and consultants in the nonprofit community.

Todd Wurschmidt: Endorsed By Colleagues

Skilled and experienced association professional Todd Wurschmidt has received multiple endorsements from his professional peers and colleagues, people who recognize not only his commitment to organizational excellence, but also the wide array of professional skills and proven abilities he has continually demonstrated over an extensive executive career.

Now the President and CEO of PARADOX Associations, LLC, as well as the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, Todd Wurschmidt continues to be a leader in nonprofit leadership and consulting, proving to have the insight and organizational savvy needed to boost a nonprofit’s potential for success while enhancing awareness and productivity. Todd Wurschmidt is recognized by his peers for his skill in nonprofit leadership, fundraising, program management, community outreach, strategic planning, nonprofit management and grant obtainment. He is seen throughout the professional community as someone not afraid to provide a visionary and innovative approach to nonprofit leadership, employing outside-the-box thinking and problem solving to numerous organizations throughout his career.

Todd Wurschmidt received his education at the Ohio State University. He is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the AMC Institute, Association Industry Executives, the American Society of Association Executives and more. Todd Wurschmidt currently volunteers as a mentor to the Georgian Farmer’s Association through the Center for International Private Enterprise.

Todd Wurschmidt is capable of identifying organizational inefficiencies, particularly when it comes to fundraising, and correcting problems through strategic planning and the cultivation of strong relationships and connections with leaders in the business community. His prowess as an association executive is well known throughout the nonprofit community.

Todd Wurschmidt: PARADOX President, Interim CEO

As the current President, Interim CEO & Change Agent of Senior Association Services for PARADOX Associations, LLC, Todd Wurschmidt has earned the reputation as a creative problem solver and exemplary association leader. His experience, not only with PARADOX, but also with numerous other professional associations, has established him as one of the top association leadership professionals in the entire industry.

Todd Wurschmidt wears multiple hats in association leadership, not only as CEO and President of PARADOX Associations, LLC, but also as the current Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, Volunteer Mentor to the Georgian Farmer’s Association and current Fellow with the American Society of Association Executives. Todd Wurschmidt is looked up to by both aspiring association executives and prospective organizational leaders as an example of professional management excellence; someone who is capable of creating, planning and implementing programs and fundraising efforts that allow professional associations to reach their objectives and organizational optimization.

Todd Wurschmidt has been an invaluable asset to the local nonprofit industry for many years. Through professional consulting, leadership and comprehensive planning, Todd Wurschmidt is able to create a strong and enduring foundation for continued organizational success, ensuring that nonprofit associations have the framework in place to effectively reach financial objectives and achieve mission statements. His ability to not only turn an organization around but to also give it the tools it needs to experience continual future growth have given him a reputation for excellence. Todd Wurschmidt has been an active force for positive change throughout his many years as professional association executive.

Todd Wurschmidt: CIPE Mentoring

As a volunteer mentor for the Center for International Private Enterprise, Todd Wurschmidt is able to impart his wisdom, expertise and experience in association leadership to the Georgian Farmer’s Association. Todd Wurschmidt is proud to provide assistance to a group that serves the represent and protect the interests of people who make a living in the Georgian agricultural industry.

Todd Wurschmidt is a longtime association executive who has helped to enhance the fundraising and outreach capability of numerous organizations, including the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, The Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis and the United Soybean Board. His experience extends back to 1985, when he began his career as the Chief Executive Officer for an Ohio-based Law Enforcement Foundation. Todd Wurschmidt worked hard to secure connections and solicit the financial help and support of the business industry in achieving the organization’s fundraising and functional goals.

Todd Wurschmidt served the law enforcement group for over 23 years, helping to grow its programs, services and revenue streams until 2008. He is able to translate this experience into invaluable mentorship for the Georgian Farmer’s Association, giving the group the guidance and support it needs to meet its own fundraising and leadership goals. He generously volunteers for the Center for International Private Enterprise because he understands the importance and potential influence of emerging associations throughout the international community.

Todd Wurschmidt was an influential and successful member of the American Society of Association Executives, or ASAE, for over 34 years, and is currently the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois. He continues to have significant influence as an association executive and leader.