Todd Wurschmidt: OSU Alum

Todd Wurschmidt is a product of The Ohio State University, where he earned a Ph.D. in Sociology, Diffusion of Innovations, and Social Action Processes. He has enjoyed the world of Association and Foundation leadership and management, serving virtually all as chief staff executive. He is known an entrepreneur, with a reputation for innovation, growth, and problem solving.

Todd has worked with a number of organizations in transition, including the United Soybean Board.

Over years of service, Todd Wurschmidt has become known as something of a organizational growth specialist. He has simultaneously led between three and five non-profit organizations at the state, national and international levels, and has excellent professional skills relating to strategic planning, volunteer and staff team building, fundraising, and program and product launching. Todd Wurschmidt has promoted numerous public, private, and nonprofit partnerships.

Some of the highlights of Todd Wurschmidt’s career include securing grant funding in the technology arena, and for example, in permitting the building and operating of the U.S.’s largest statewide information sharing network of over 750 public safety agencies and 45 private vendor companies.

Todd Wurschmidt is also a skilled fundraiser who has involved countless business leaders, including CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, in the philanthropic mission.

Todd served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at his alma mater, OSU, where he designed and taught a graduate level course called Leadership and Management of Non-Profit Associations.


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