Todd Wurschmidt: Fundraising Expert

Todd Wurschmidt is an expert at fundraising, and has helped many nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals.
Nonprofits, says Todd Wurschmidt, rely on the generosity of philanthropists, and he is skilled at the cultivation of relationships between nonprofit organizations and their donors. He encourages the use of both time-honored fundraising methods and innovative and visionary leadership to help nonprofits that truly make a difference in their communities achieve their financial goals.

Todd Wurschmidt says that he is often asked what is the most important things about fundraising. He has given a great deal of thought to that question over the years. He says that an organization that wants money has to ask for it. As obvious a lesson as that sounds, he says that whenever donors are asked why they gave to a particular group or cause, the most consistent reply is because they were asked to. Most people, he says, won’t think to give your organization money on their own. They have no reason to, and there exists so much competition for these donations, so it is up to you to pose the question, and “make the Ask.”

At the same time, counsels Todd Wurschmidt, it is important not to assume any donor will keep on giving. He cites a survey of donors who have given away more than five thousand dollars in one year. Most who were asked said they felt like nonprofits viewed them as ATMs. It is important, he says, to make sure donors and other supporters do not feel that way.

It varies from fundraiser to fundraiser, of course, but Todd Wurschmidt also says to remember that the money nonprofits raise come from people, and most of those people are not wealthy. Too often, nonprofits think they can’t raise money because they don’t know any rich philanthropists. But the truth is that seven out of ten adults give away money at one time or another and nonprofits need to focus their work on that seven out of ten.


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