Todd Wurschmidt: The Value of Interim Executives

Todd Wurschmidt is an entrepreneur, innovator, change agent and problem solver with years of experience in the world of association and foundation leadership. He worked as an Interim Executive with organizations in transition, for example, with the United States Soybean Board.

Todd Wurschmidt is sometimes asked why an organization should consider using the services of an interim executive. “Professional Interim Executives provide leadership when there is a gap between the departure of one executive and the hiring of a successor,” he explains. “Interim management provides the organization with short-term executive expertise when hiring a long-term employee is not feasible or advisable.” Using an Interim Executive is a good idea, he says, when the organization wants to stabilize or assess its operations before hiring a successor, so the successor starts with a clean slate; when there is not enough time to conduct an adequate executive search, which can take up to six months; or when the successor will take over from a long-time executive or founder.

Some of Todd Wurschmidt’s key accomplishments are securing millions in grant funding for the design, construction, and operation of the nation’s largest statewide information sharing network; establishing international exchange relationships; and involving countless business leaders in the philanthropic mission.

Todd Wurschmidt earned a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Sociology, Diffusion of Innovations, and Social Action Processes. He also has an undergraduate degree in biological sciences from OSU. He reads widely, and says that his favorite authors include Joseph Campbell, Stephen Hawking, and Charles Dickens.


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