Todd Wurschmidt: Securing Millions for Nonprofits

Nonprofits rely on the generosity of philanthropists throughout their communities. Todd Wurschmidt, an accomplished association executive, is skilled at the cultivation of relationships between nonprofit organizations and philanthropists, employing the use of both time-honored fundraising methods with innovative and visionary leadership to secure substantial financial assistance for the groups that truly make a difference in communities throughout the country.

Todd Wurschmidt has worked extensively with multiple organizations, including those in the medical, agricultural and law enforcement communities, to enhance their organizational functionality and fundraising capability. Through his tireless and skilled efforts to optimize organizational fundraising efficiency, Todd Wurschmidt has been able to secure literally millions of dollars in both grant revenue and in fundraising contributions, ensuring associations have the funds necessary to carry out their missions and retain a positive and enduring influence throughout the community.

Todd Wurschmidt has proven the ability to boost organizational revenue stream and awareness for multiple associations, including the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, the Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis, the United Soybean Board and the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police. His track record for fundraising and grant securement is without equal, and has helped to establish Todd Wurschmidt as one of the most prominent and successful association executives in the nonprofit arena.

Todd Wurschmidt serves as a model for excellence to both association professionals and to nonprofit organizations on the local, national and international levels. A well-educated and experienced professional, he continues to be a dependable and results-oriented fundraiser and leader in the nonprofit community.


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