Todd Wurschmidt: Building Education Through Awareness

The Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois believes that the loss of just one life, be it a local youth or a law enforcement official, though incalculable, is indeed preventable through education and awareness. As Executive Director of the organization, Todd Wurschmidt strives to help LEFI through educational and awareness-based program development, empowering both law enforcement officials and local youth with the knowledge they need to prevent this needless tragedy.

Both Todd Wurschmidt and LEFI work to have a resonating and positive impact on young people’s lives. This is accomplished through the design and implementation of programs that raise awareness of dangerous driving behaviors, such as texting, inattentiveness and multi-tasking. Todd Wurschmidt and LEFI realize that the existence of driving education programs in the state of Illinois is important to the creation of safer roadways throughout the state, which is why they have implemented programs designed to establish better, more mutually-beneficial relationships between local youths and the law enforcement community.

Todd Wurschmidt has been an instrumental voice for educational programs such as PACT Camps and Defensive Driving campaigns, each created to spark collaboration and a sense of community between the youth and law enforcement officials throughout Illinois. Todd Wurschmidt understands that LEFI, as well as the law enforcement community, have the opportunity to be have a positive influence on the lives of young people through awareness and relationship cultivation.

Todd Wurschmidt has been working for the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois since 2009, and has made innumerable contributions to the organizational and program development of LEFI since joining the organization.


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