Todd Wurschmidt: Working with the Law Enforcement Community

Currently the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, and formerly the long-time CEO and leader of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Law Enforcement Foundation, Todd Wurschmidt has proven his commitment to law enforcement officials throughout the local area. He seeks to establish and maintain stronger, more enduring connections between law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve, building more efficient associations through proven fundraising techniques and expert program development.

Todd Wurschmidt was of service to the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, as well as the charitable Law Enforcement Foundation, from 1985 to 2008, helping both to not only increase revenue stream, improve fundraising capability and secure large federal grants, but also to establish many beneficial relationships with organizations and business professionals in local, national and international communities. Working diligently and tirelessly for the Ohio Association and Foundation, Todd Wurschmidt oversaw the development of helpful educational and outreach programs that included Child Abduction Response Teams, DARE drug prevention programs and officer awareness programs such as Autism and Alzheimer’s Awareness.

As Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois since 2009, Todd Wurschmidt provides expert strategic and tactical planning, corporate CEO recruitment, youth-based program development and fundraising organization and advice services to the foundation’s membership. Through the development of outreach programs, as well as the implementation of more effective fundraising, Todd Wurschmidt has helped to optimize organizational efficiency and strength, ensuring the foundation has the framework and tools in place to establish better and more positive relationships with the community, and to secure the financial assistance it needs to be an effective organization well into the future.


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