Todd Wurschmidt: Endorsed By Colleagues

Skilled and experienced association professional Todd Wurschmidt has received multiple endorsements from his professional peers and colleagues, people who recognize not only his commitment to organizational excellence, but also the wide array of professional skills and proven abilities he has continually demonstrated over an extensive executive career.

Now the President and CEO of PARADOX Associations, LLC, as well as the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, Todd Wurschmidt continues to be a leader in nonprofit leadership and consulting, proving to have the insight and organizational savvy needed to boost a nonprofit’s potential for success while enhancing awareness and productivity. Todd Wurschmidt is recognized by his peers for his skill in nonprofit leadership, fundraising, program management, community outreach, strategic planning, nonprofit management and grant obtainment. He is seen throughout the professional community as someone not afraid to provide a visionary and innovative approach to nonprofit leadership, employing outside-the-box thinking and problem solving to numerous organizations throughout his career.

Todd Wurschmidt received his education at the Ohio State University. He is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the AMC Institute, Association Industry Executives, the American Society of Association Executives and more. Todd Wurschmidt currently volunteers as a mentor to the Georgian Farmer’s Association through the Center for International Private Enterprise.

Todd Wurschmidt is capable of identifying organizational inefficiencies, particularly when it comes to fundraising, and correcting problems through strategic planning and the cultivation of strong relationships and connections with leaders in the business community. His prowess as an association executive is well known throughout the nonprofit community.


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