Todd Wurschmidt: PARADOX President, Interim CEO

As the current President, Interim CEO & Change Agent of Senior Association Services for PARADOX Associations, LLC, Todd Wurschmidt has earned the reputation as a creative problem solver and exemplary association leader. His experience, not only with PARADOX, but also with numerous other professional associations, has established him as one of the top association leadership professionals in the entire industry.

Todd Wurschmidt wears multiple hats in association leadership, not only as CEO and President of PARADOX Associations, LLC, but also as the current Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, Volunteer Mentor to the Georgian Farmer’s Association and current Fellow with the American Society of Association Executives. Todd Wurschmidt is looked up to by both aspiring association executives and prospective organizational leaders as an example of professional management excellence; someone who is capable of creating, planning and implementing programs and fundraising efforts that allow professional associations to reach their objectives and organizational optimization.

Todd Wurschmidt has been an invaluable asset to the local nonprofit industry for many years. Through professional consulting, leadership and comprehensive planning, Todd Wurschmidt is able to create a strong and enduring foundation for continued organizational success, ensuring that nonprofit associations have the framework in place to effectively reach financial objectives and achieve mission statements. His ability to not only turn an organization around but to also give it the tools it needs to experience continual future growth have given him a reputation for excellence. Todd Wurschmidt has been an active force for positive change throughout his many years as professional association executive.


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