Todd Wurschmidt: CIPE Mentoring

As a volunteer mentor for the Center for International Private Enterprise, Todd Wurschmidt is able to impart his wisdom, expertise and experience in association leadership to the Georgian Farmer’s Association. Todd Wurschmidt is proud to provide assistance to a group that serves the represent and protect the interests of people who make a living in the Georgian agricultural industry.

Todd Wurschmidt is a longtime association executive who has helped to enhance the fundraising and outreach capability of numerous organizations, including the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, The Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis and the United Soybean Board. His experience extends back to 1985, when he began his career as the Chief Executive Officer for an Ohio-based Law Enforcement Foundation. Todd Wurschmidt worked hard to secure connections and solicit the financial help and support of the business industry in achieving the organization’s fundraising and functional goals.

Todd Wurschmidt served the law enforcement group for over 23 years, helping to grow its programs, services and revenue streams until 2008. He is able to translate this experience into invaluable mentorship for the Georgian Farmer’s Association, giving the group the guidance and support it needs to meet its own fundraising and leadership goals. He generously volunteers for the Center for International Private Enterprise because he understands the importance and potential influence of emerging associations throughout the international community.

Todd Wurschmidt was an influential and successful member of the American Society of Association Executives, or ASAE, for over 34 years, and is currently the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois. He continues to have significant influence as an association executive and leader.


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