Todd Wurschmidt: Wide Ranging Expertise

Todd Wurschmidt is an accomplished professional in the association management field. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of PARADOX Associations LLC, through which he consults on association leadership, fundraising, program development & change management.

He attended The Ohio State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in the Biological Sciences. Todd Wurschmidt also received a Master of Science degree in Community Development, and holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, Diffusion of Innovations, and Social Action Processes.

Todd Wurschmidt has wide-ranging expertise, including outreach on issues relating to managing and motivating volunteers and staff, problem solving, and building sustainable organizational growth. His drive to fulfill non-profit organizations’ mission statements have inspired not-for-profit staff and volunteers.

Todd Wurschmidt has more than twenty-five plus years of public service and fundraising experience. One of his previous posts was the Executive Director/CEO/Corporate Secretary of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police. Under Todd Wurschmidt’s direction, the Association saw a twenty-fold increase in annual gross revenues, a testament to Todd Wurschmidt’s fundraising abilities.

Todd Wurschmidt has received many awards in recognition of his professional and academic achievements. He received the American Society of Association Executives Fellows Award, a national award which recognizes the “leading thinkers and doers” in the association profession.

Following earning his Ph.D., Todd Wurschmidt served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at OSU, where he designed and taught a graduate level course, Leadership for Non-Profit Associations. Todd Wurschmidt was honored by his alma mater, The Ohio State University, with the College’s Distinguished Alumni Award.


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